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Wild Games is a Playtech’s mastery, which has taken the topic of tribute to a completely new level of praise. Based on the tribute to 2012, London Olympics, Wild Games has pleased gamblers and players of all sorts across the globe for its variety of rounds. The game contains 5 reels and 25 paylines with a maximum winning payout of 3000X.

Rules that Matters the most in Wild Games

  • In the first step, the players are required to choose the line bets by clicking + or – signs, which increases or decreases the same. The paylines works in the bases of total bet per round to the line bet X winning payline ratios, which assures the payouts will be in the form of a multiplier. Only active paylines can record a win.
  • After the selection, there is an auto play function, which on choosing will allow the players to just wait and watch until the process is carried on by itself.
  • The regular symbols in the game, features in the bonus games, as it appears in regular instances and on junctures, which matters, in the later half. For an instance, the three character symbols representing a bulldog, a cheetah, and a hippo features in the main symbol segments. The three symbols pays off exactly the same set of combination payouts as follows:
    • For appearing 5 times, the payout is 1000 coins
    • For appearing 4 times, the payout is 500 coins
    • For appearing 3 times, the payout is 50 coins
    • For appearing 2 times, the payout is 5 coins
  • Other minor symbols fulfill the entire slot and gives out payouts.
  • Wild symbol is expressed by a Trophy cup with Wild Games embedded on it and pays off the following:
    • 3000 coins for 5 times appearance
    • 800 coins for 4 times appearance
    • 100 coins for 3 times appearance
    • 5 coins for 2 times appearance

Bonus and Jackpot Rounds in Wild Games

Wild Games comes up with 4 distinct jackpot and bonus rounds, which gives away payments and payoffs concerning different schemes. Here are the symbols as follows:

  • Freestyle Swim Bonus: The round is kicked off when the bulldog symbol fills 3rd reel in the main game. Players are required to choose 1 of the 3 bull dogs, which will win a swimming competition and thereby stand a chance to win 8 free game bonuses.
  • 100M Dash Bonus: This round is activated when the cheetah symbol features in the 3rd reel of the main game. In this round, players are required to choose the appropriate Cheetah and stand a chance to win 8 free games.
  • Balance Beam Bonus: The round is started when a hippo symbol appears in the 3rd reel in the main game. In this round, the players require to choose the best of the balance beam routines and allow the hippo to cross. Thus, the prize is 8 free games in this round.
  • Bonus Medal Rounds: In this round, the players will have to choose 1 medal off a series of 5 medals and will win multipliers off a bet range.

Betting Range and Line Values

Wild Games slot machine game comes up with a bet per line range from 0.20 to 20 and the maximum bet allowed in the game is 500. This is a competitive range considering the payouts.

Reasons to Choose Wild Games

  • Impressive Rounds: This is the first aspect, which appears in the sight of any players playing the game. With 4 popular bonus rounds and free spins, this is a game, which can engage a great time.
  • Wonderful Theme: This game is suited for all the sports lovers, who prefer to play sports themed games with a brilliant side mission as well.


  • Bonus rounds and features to play
  • Medal rounds and multipliers assuring high payouts


  • Same type of bonus rounds

Wild Games is a famous slot machine game developed by Playtech, which features the theme of London Olympics of 2012. The game contains a handful of free games and multiplier features, which allows the player to win by all the possible means. The game fetches rewards more often while played with real money.

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