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Wild Mummy is a well-known slot machine game developed by Amaya gaming. The game contains 20 paylines, 5 reels in slot setup and all these are backed with a stunning background theme of Egyptian culture, and hieroglyphics. This game is considered to be one of the top played games of Amaya gaming and the reason is obvious, considering amazing paybacks and slot rewards the game has to offer to the players.

Ways to Win Wild Mummy

  • Wild Mummy pays off from left to right in the payline structure and all of the winning pattern for the general game begins with a symbol of the far left reel and proceeds all the way to right.
  • To adjust credit value, click on the + or – signs and this is how the values can be manipulated any time.
  • For the new timers, the credit in the demo mode is 500 coins. This is a huge bonus considering the game containing just 20 paylines to play.
  • After choosing these values, the next step involves in starting up the reel and waiting for the luck to strike and help in winning.
  • Regular symbols in the game consists of Egyptian themed symbols ranging from various hieroglyphics symbols, where the Lion imaged symbol holds up the top ranking. Other symbols, which matters in the game includes the parrot, a cobra, and sphinx.
  • Wilds and Scatters enhance the chances of winning even further and contain self-combined payouts whenever they appear over 2 times. The payouts by Wilds and Scatters are as follows:
    • Wilds Pay:
      • 5000 coins for appearing in all reels
      • 1000 coins for appearing 4 times
      • 100 coins for appearing thrice
      • 15 coins for appearing twice
    • Scatters Pay:
      • 200 coins for appearing 5 times
      • 15 coins for appearing 4 times
      • 2 coins for appearing 3 times
      • 1 coin for appearing 2 times

Bonus Bonanza and Jackpot Stash in Wild Mummy

Wild Mummy contains a fair list of jackpot and bonus rounds. They are as follows:

  • Bonus Jackpot Game: Bonus Symbol, which appears in the form of a pyramid, appears to award free spins when 3 or more of these symbols appear in the reels. The bonus round comes up in 2 steps, where the players require to choose 1 of 6 torches in the first step. Now, the players will adjudge the number of costless spins. In the forthcoming step, players require to choose 1 of the 6 ancient hieroglyphics images, which will determine the multiplier. The lowest and highest multipliers are 3 and 6 respectively.
  • Bet Max Feature: This feature works in the reels as a measure of gambling rounds in the game. All the players require to perform is click the option and await 10 coin credits in each of the 20 paylines.

Bet Stakes and Paylines

Wild Mummy is a game, which keeps a good record on the player’s selection and betting range, which allows them to score larger jackpots. With this said, the maximum coins per payline is 10 and the maximum bet value is 200 coins per spin.

Reasons for Choosing Wild Mummy

  • Bonus Symbols: Symbols in the game apart from the bonus, has a good payoff rates. Even the Wilds and Scatters do a very convincing job in giving away payoffs apart from the free spins and other benefits.
  • Optional Bet Max Rounds: This round assures players who are not in to gambling, be safe from losing all their money. For an instance, any optional rounds assure the money is safe from any chance of losing.
  • Bonus Symbol: The bonus symbol works splendidly and contains two steps of payments and figures.


  • Great paying symbols and payouts
  • Bonus rounds assuring a great win and massive payouts


  • Not a convincing RTP
  • No provision of progressive jackpot collection

Wild Mummy is a famous slot machine game developed by Amaya Gaming. The game features ancient theme and hieroglyphics characters. This is a type of theme, which has acquired quite a few likers in the slot machine world. With a decent RTP of 90%, players can play the game for both free and real money in all those venues, where Amaya’s games are supported.

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