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Wild Shark is a famous slot machine game developed by Amatic gaming. This game contains 5 reels, which is backed with 50 paylines and the game provides a straightforward winning opportunities and doesn’t fuss around with too many complications both the symbol and the feature games part. The in-game symbols of the games pays out incredibly higher coin credits to speak and the lucky person could stand a chance of winning the 100000 coin credits.

Winning Tips in Wild Shark

  • Players have a liberty to choose the payout lines according to the wish. A maximum of 50 paylines can be selected and the stakes of winning increases with higher wages.
  • Following the selections, a player can then proceed to spin the reel by clicking the start option. Alternatively, an auto start option too works for the purpose.
  • The regular slot symbols of the game are based on the theme of a game, i.e. marine life and this contains all the aqua based characters to play. The crown symbol contains the highest points of the lot and pay schemes as follows:
    • 5 times appearance gives out a whopping 100,000 coin credits
    • 4 times appearance gives out 40000 coin credits
    • 3 times appearance gives out 4000 coin credits
  • Wild Symbol of the game is the Shark imaged symbol, which represents a smiling shark, works out to replace all the other low paying symbols, except for the bonus symbols.

Feature and Jackpot Rounds in Wild Shark

Wild Shark involves theme of aqua life and the payout schemes speak large volumes of the game. Here are some of the high paying functions, which all the players will love to have a look are as follows:

  • Bonus Games: The bonus symbol acts as a symbol, which appears in regular gaming interface, and works in paying off higher payouts. For an instance, the symbol, when appears thrice in the center reels, players immediately win 5 free spins. If this was not more, the bonus symbol works in paying off 4000 coins apart from giving 5 free spins.
  • Jackpot Payouts: The jackpot payout comes via crown symbols, which gives out the highest payout of the game at 100000 coin credits in one round.
  • Gambling Rounds: The game possesses a gambling round in the inventory and any players can play them irrespective of the player playing free or for real money. The gamble round features to card suits and the player’s require deducing the upcoming suit color and thus winning prize accordingly. The feature also allows doubling or quadrupling the winnings, off this round. The gamble amount can any time be reduced to half of the wager.

Know the Bet Values

Wild Sharks slot machine game gives the players, an extensive range of coin size, the range falls from 0.10 to 10.00 coins, and the maximum bet per line allowed in the game is 50.

Why to Opt Wild Shark Slot?

  • Great Slot Layout: Gizmo enthusiasts recommend the game, for attracting the masses with aqua themed interface. This has one of the best payout rates in the casino world.
  • Multipurpose Bonus Symbol: It is a matter of providing an altogether gaming experience as what this game provides.
  • Gambling and Autoplay Options: The game is developed in providing all the players, irrespective of monetary investors, an experience of winning higher payouts with a light theme, which features aqua or marine themes.


  • With the bonus rounds, the chances of winnings is also very high
  • Gambling feature with a system, which allows the player’s to collect the wager whenever they want
  • Free spins in the bonus rounds is a big plus.


  • No Progressive jackpots rounds in the game, despite such a high payout scheme.
  • No Multipliers, may disappoint those who expect to earn via multipliers
  • No Scatters

Wild Shark is an Amatic Gaming special, whose features possess water-based theme and the life underwater. The characters compliment with the main game symbols to a large extent and the game is set to change the mindset of all the players who come to play the game. With bonus symbols and Wilds coming to play a large impact, the game is must play for all the gamers.

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