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Playtech is a major player in the world of slot machine games, and Wild Wishes is one of their best creations for a very long period. The game is based in Arabian tales of Aladdin, designed by Walt Disney. The game triggers some of the finest in game features, which allows the players to setup their winning strategies and look forward in winning round after round.

The game contains 5 reels and 15 payout lines in the first place and the reels move from left to right, and the slot layout is designed to impress both the free playing parties as well as the real time gamblers.

Playing Tips and Conditions in Wild Wishes

  • Proper selection of the total bet value, which is manipulated with the + and – signs, works as an increment and decrement operator.
  • Turbo Mode is optional and turning on the same will see the reels spin a lot faster than usual.
  • Bet line coin range values falls from a range between 0.01 to 6 coins and a maximum of 1 coin per line is allowed in the gameplay.
  • Autoplay Option is available in the first place and it can be spun according to the betting range a player requires.
  • Coin Size varies from a range of 0.1 to 500 coins. This is a large range, which allows the players to score big.
  • Regular symbols in the game includes the Aladdin story based characters where the Aladdin holds the highest value of 750 coins followed up by Jasmine and Padishaw with 300 coins each. All these symbols are backed with other fantasy themed minimum pay symbols, which contains different payouts.
  • The Wilds in the game is Genie and this pays off the following:
  1. 750 coins for 5 times appearance
  2. 100 coins for 4 times appearance
  3. 20 coins for appearing thrice

Bonus Game Structures and Rounds in Wild Wishes

With so much reputation at stake, Wild Wishes allows as much as 4 different bonus rounds to talk about as follows:

  • Collecting Lamps: This feature kicks off when a win is registered any time in the game. In this mode, 5 lamps appear to be dulled out and for every win, these burn and comes with a win ticker. Reels will start to respin and for every win during the rounds, the neighboring lamps too start to burn, indicating payouts.
  • Feature Bet: This round can be operated at any time during the main game and requires a button to start. This round increases the bet values for 10 coins for every 15 coin bet and lights up the leftmost lamps indicating payouts.
  • Free Games: The free game mode gets started with 4 or more lamps symbols in the regular game slot. A maximum of 25 extra paylines can be won during these rounds. While in the round, if a Wild lands in the formation a smoke cloud appears to cover the reel set and this turns the neighboring symbols as Wilds.
  • The Jackpot hit payout of 750 coins is earned with the help of Wilds, which ultimately gives out the bonus payouts.

A lookout in the Bet Range

Wild Wishes appears to give out dividends on all possible junctures for a very modest coin denomination structures. From a minimum of 0.25 to a maximum of 150.00 coins can be accommodated in the payline.

Reasons to Play Wild Wishes

  • High RTP: Wild Wishes comes up with an unbelievable RTP of 96.12%, which almost assures all the rounds to turn up as a victory.
  • Optional Gambling Feature: There is a turbo spin feature, which primarily works well for the real money gamblers and the feature is completely optional and a free player can entirely avoid the option
  • Fun-Themed Game: The theme of the game is based on Aladdin, a character that dominated the world of cartoons back in the 80s and 90s, now features in a luring slot machine games.
  • Free Games Galore: Free games are easily the most luring aspects of any slot machine games and a player, irrespective of wages loves to play free games at any point of time.


  • Numerous player-friendly feature rounds
  • Optional Turbo reels


  • Not so great payouts

Wild Wishes slot machine game is a brilliant structured slot machine game, which never disappoints when it comes to the features it possess in its inventory and any player will be immediately feel connected, once he/ she starts with the game.

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