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If you are a slot machine lover alongside a fashion freak, then there is no need to look further. The Wish List slot machine is here, which has all the items to make you look your best. There are latest and modern fashion accessories ready to satisfy your fantasies of looking the best and better than the best.

This slot machine is one of the newest additions from Spinomenal. They have newly ventured into the online gaming world and already have 40+ games to their credit. The video slot is equipped with modern graphics and very high quality sound that is going to encapture you.

Based on the theme of fashion and luxury, the slot comes with a bare minimum background. This brings your attention to the reels, but with an attractive design. The slot is covered in duck egg color marked with golden lettering.

Wish List is 4-reel slot game. Every single fashionable item is present on the screen, right from a scarlet nail polish to a shimmering lipstick with a matching hat. Apart from these, there are hi-fi bags, stylish stilettos, white roses, etc. You think of it, and it is available on your Wish List.

Land with good numbers on the reel and own everything on the list

The rule of the game is very simple.

  • You need to click to spin. The entire board is active and when the reels are spun, just match the symbols anywhere as long as they are in the correct direction. There is no necessity to match symbols on an active pay line, as in other games.
  • Any combination of 5 or more than that will give you a win. If you are eyeing the largest prize, you will require a max bet and get 12 of the symbols having the highest value.
  • If you are unfortunate for 5 back to back rounds, do not worry. It is not the end of the game. You will get n number of free spins till the time you win.
  • No need to determine the number lines, as a pay table is not provided.
  • You have to think about how much you can wager per spin. This amount can be changed with the buttons provided at the bottom left of the screen.
  • The lowest allowed wager is 0.2 and you can raise it right up to the highest of 200.

The makers of the game have in fact removed all the pay lines and instead made 12 combinations scatter wins. It also has 5 numbers of drums.


Matching 5 or more symbols on the screen will multiply your wager as per the pay table given in the slot game.

Prizes Galore

Along with the top-notch goods for grabs, there are amazing prizes that you can win for yourself. Having a look at the pay table gives you an idea about the accessories and their worth in terms of profits you can make.

In spite of not including the scatter, wild, multipliers and other bonus symbols, the drawback is nullified with the Free Spins Meter. Each time you are not landing a win, the meter gains a point. It again comes back to zero, in case of a win. The scorecard on the left side panel on the main screen keeps a check on the remaining spins you need to have to get in order to be eligible for the free turns.


The simple rules and easy-to-follow instructions compel you to try your luck at least once with this online slot. It opens up the slot machine category where a novice can also win a handsome amount.


One big disadvantage of all Spinomenal games is that they are not presently available at any online casinos. Their slots work with HTML5 that is they can be played online with a desktop or on a smart phone or Tablet.

Though Wish List does not have many of the regular features, it is still considered unique among the online slots. This is because it has a very different theme attached to it and play it if you can’t stay away from fashion. Moreover, the Return To Player is around 96.47%.

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