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The World Cup slot game is inspired by the World Cup 2014 football event. It is available in a classic to the graphical interface, making it look a bit old-fashioned but it possesses its own charm. The graphics are intricately made and the sound features are customized well. The game produces enough excitement and the animations run fast to make your play enjoyable. If you are a soccer fan, you will never be bored with this version of a game.

Amigotechs, an online casino provider, developed this slot game, which provides their partners with custom-made casino solutions. They have been in the online casino industry since many years. An interesting feature about their games is, they are all available as an instant play via flash. In other words, the players need not download any separate program to play the games; they can play them in their own browser.

The game is based on the soccer world cup, which occurs once in every 4 years. It is a 5-reel slot game with 21 pay lines.

Tidbits about the Slot

  • Symbols include a black and white soccer ball, goal symbol, gold and green trimmed match ball, set of spikes, t-shirts and a glittering world cup trophy.
  • The Wild symbol is a referee in this game, displayed by a flaming football.
  • Player wearing the jersey number 1 represents the Scatter symbol, which gives you free spins. It is shown as a trophy and whistle.
  • In this slot, the bet you place is of prime concern.
  • There is a single, double and a triple bar icon.
  • The triple bar gives you 60 coins, whereas the double bar symbol expands your winning amount to 120 coins. It offers wild, scatter and a free spin round as well.
  • The background is very realistic with floodlights, green turf and the enthusiastic onlookers.

Understand the Game Modes

The game consists of icons like star, cherry and others. The slot machine game comes in three modes. Each one is described as follows.

  • The Basic: You have to compulsorily begin with the basics. When you win 4 coins, they are directed to the credit meter showing Collect or Save buttons, to move any one of the 4 available banks. During the main game play, 2 chips are bet on their own making the result as a win or a loss. The combination that makes you win in this mode is available on one pay line only, other than the star icon.
  • Bet 5: When one or more than one of the 4 banks accumulate 4 or more than 4 tokens, this mode gets activated. The coins used here come from the credit and other meters. The coins are appended to the lowest of credits. 2 among 5 credits are generally borrowed from the meters having more coins, trying to maintain a balance. Win amount of 200 or more is always taken care of and carried to the credit meter. The start button transfers the chips to the banks having lesser than 4 chips. You can return to the basic mode whenever you want from the ‘Choose Game’ option.
  • Bet 40: This bet option permits you to lay your odds with a bare minimum of 40 coins. A prominent function here is the nudge function. It is used for a medium shift for the top reels after a spin, provided there is a prize-winning combination in the next 3 steps. If a bankroll slides below 40, players are allowed to re-fuel from the credit bank, again with the help of start button. The ‘Choose Game’ option makes you get back to either of the other 2 modes.
  • The slot does not come with any other usual features that are to be seen in many online slots. There is no jackpot, wild, scatter or bonus.

Sometimes the game tends to get little boring with no facilities of wild and scatter. Still die-hard soccer fans will find heaven in this World Cup video slot. Since this online game has 3 different modes, any player can play it without worrying about minimum bets. People having high bankroll can choose to bet on the Bet 40 mode, while players with low bankroll can still enjoy the slot by choosing the Basic mode, with lesser chips.

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