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Dice game lovers all over the world, here is a shout out for you. The word Yahtzee is an exclamation that people do whenever something nice happens. So the game is aptly named as that, because it provides you with all the good things.

Yahtzee is a game for the people who love board games along with slots. It is a dice game originally created by Milton Bradley as Yatzie, in a game known as ‘Luck – 15 Grand Dice Games.’ It has now become a slot game owned by WMS. It is a popular, established Chicago based gaming company, which manufactures slot machines, video lottery terminals and software used by casinos for managing their operations.

Yahtzee is a party-based game. All the icons used represent drinks, games and people celebrating. WMS has included the festival symbols like pizza, drinks, popcorn and groups of merry making people.

This slot game has 25 fixed pay lines with 5 reels. The game can be played with 25p a spin to £100 a spin.

For a Winning Spree, Follow These

The winning aim of this Yahtzee video slot is to roll the dice three times to get the highest possible combination. And rolling 5 of a kind is called a Yahtzee.

The game is initially set with 5 reels and 25 pay lines as described earlier.

The wild symbols appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5. At the top right hand corner when Wild Multiplier Active is displayed, all line wins are multiplied by 2x till 36x-2 dice. The result is multiplied by each other.

The feature bet is activated with the addition of 15 credits. You can select any among the five stake amounts, which are 40c, 80c, $1.20, $2. As with other slot games, you need to get a minimum of 3 similar symbols in a straight line from left to right.

The top 3 payout symbols are red, yellow and cream boxes, which pay 500, 200, 150 coins when you get 5 consecutively. Wild symbols offer real big wins.

Wild Symbols

The wild symbol looks like celebratory fireworks. The wild replaces every other symbol to give you extra wins. It is a symbol, which appears in a win line. You will be presented with another screen where you will roll 2 dice, which acts as a multiplier for the win.

Special Features

  • Bonus Symbol: The bonus symbol shows itself only on the reel 5. When you get this symbol, it in turn awards you with a number of some more bonus symbols. It is possible to play the option with only one symbol but your wins will depend on 1x multiplier. More the bonus symbols, bigger will be the multiplier value. In other words, if you are getting 3 bonus symbols, the multiplier will be 3x.
  • The bonus feature is activated on its own when you have 5 symbols. Then to shake the dice, you have to click the blue cup. The dice gives the biggest value when the blue cup is rolled again. You will get 3 rounds of rolls giving you an opportunity of getting a Yahtzee. Even if you cannot accomplish this, you will be given a Chancey bonus, a multiplier of your initial win.
  • Roll Symbols: When you have 5 scatter roll symbols on adjoining reels, the Free Roll bonus feature is activated. However, this feature is little difficult to land since the scatter has to land on each of the 5 reels. If you manage to roll a Yahtzee on the very first roll of the bonus feature, you will be blessed with a grand First Roll Yahtzee Jackpot. This will grant you with 4500 times your stake.

The Back to Back Yahtzee Jackpot is activated when you roll a Yahtzee after Yahtzee, which results in an amazing 40,000 times your stake.

This game does not have any minus side to it as such. It gives you big wins and an equally good time. It is a good, low limit slot machine. With greater than 40 million of the original board game being sold, we don’t need to have a look at any other figures. The sales figure says it all. Teenagers and adults alike, across the globe grab a bowl of pop corn and are ready to have another enjoyable evening with Yahtzee. That is the power of this classic game.

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