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Zeus III online is the third sequel of the very impressive Zeus Slot. The slots are provided by VMS gaming and have revolutionized slots as we know them. If you thought that Zeus Slot was a thrill, then you need to get ready to be blown away by Zeus III. The games are available in land casinos and have also been made available online and can thus be accessed by players in the UK. There are no downloads required to play the Zeus III. The slot is based on Greek mythology, and it stays true to that with various symbols that include Zeus himself, Zeus’ hand clutching a lightning bolt, Greek army helmet, warships Pantheons, and Pots. The game makes use of six reels which is quite unusual. It also boasts 192 paylines which increase your chances of making a profit.

How to Play

The God Zeus may not willingly give you so much from his jackpot. But worry not.

Every God has a soft spot and we will, therefore, give you ways through which you can appease him into granting you immense wishes! Although the maximum you can get from the regular jackpot is only 800 coins, Zeus III rewards you immensely through the wilds and the bonus rounds. His gifts are always worth your time. Zeus will appear on the reel, and when he falls, which he does eventually, your entire reel becomes a wild! The second wild is the ancient theatre- the Coliseum – which replaces all the other symbols except that of the god of thunder clutching his lightning bolt.

Do you like the wilds? The bonuses are just as awesome. During these rounds, the reels reverse and where you would have one line on the first reel, you get six lines instead. The second reel will, in turn, have 5 lines and so forth. Your chances of winning are automatically increased in this round. Hitting the symbol of Zeus clutching his lightning bolt 3+ times starting from the 2nd reel gets you rewarded. The more the scatters on your reel, the more free spins you will be receiving.

  • With 3 scatters you receive 10 spins for free
  • With 4 scatters you receive 25 spins plus 10x your bet amount.
  • With 5 scatters you receive 50 spins and 50x your bet amount.

The minimum amount that you can bet is 0.40 coins to a maximum of 80 coins real money for all the 192 paylines. This is awesome because a lot of people can afford to play and enjoy a couple of games well within their budget. With all the bonuses offered, winning back your money and making a profit is almost always guaranteed.

How to Win

If you are one to lose patience fast, then this might not be the game for you. Although the game is such a thrill, you will not notice just how long you will be on it. Patience is important because the wins are hard to come by in the beginning because of the few rows on the left in the gaming machine. However, if you are patient and you hit, then this will be well worth your time and money. If you haven’t played yet, brace yourself for the time of your life. Play free Zeus III casino slot machine! This game will give you an experience fit for the gods.

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  1. Posthuman says:

    thanks for the advice to be patient … sometimes there is not enough patience and I leave the game ahead of time, thereby going against my tactics! Yes, patience is very important in gambling! it is also important to play slowly and enjoy the game process and not chase after money,:

    if you are a novice, I advise you also to heed these tips while playing!

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