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If you want to unwind after a long day of work and stress, you are invited to play the colorful online game of Zhao Cai Jin Bao, which will transfer you to the eastern part of the globe. The graphics will be a treat to your eyes and you will have dragons, emperors, lions, phoenix to play with. The title of the game means ‘wishing you wealth and prosperity’ and that is what exactly is on the platter.

The game is based on the Chinese culture and celebrates its festive spirit with grand symbols. All the symbols used, have a great significance in the Chinese culture and thus this slot brings out the beauty of Chinese customs in a grand way.

This is one of the slot machines offered by PlayTech, which has recently ventured into the Chinese themed slots. This slot game comes with an Oriental theme. It has 5 reels with 9 pay lines and the point to remember is that these pay lines pay both ways. There are 3 Chinese symbol rows like dragons, fishes and guardian lion. The lower payout symbols are represented by A, K, 10, Q and J.

A traditional Chinese man serves as a Wild symbol and the Scatter symbol is showed as a golden hat.

The game is simple and does not confuse its players with bonus rounds. It gives you a good amount in exchange for a quick spin.

Play It Like A Boss

The only goal of the game is to get winning symbol associations with the spin of the wheels.

  • To start play, you simply need to select your line bets (by selecting + or – below the line bet for incrementing or decrementing the amount) and also amounts per line.
  • Play lines are also triggered by similar selection of + or – below Lines or the other way is by using the buttons on both sides of the reels.
  • The Spin button starts spinning with the present selection of line bets and lines. During the spin, the button changes itself to Stop, which when clicked shows the spin result.

Auto Play

Like in others, auto play triggers the reel spin. Hover the mouse over an auto play option and select the number of spins you desire. This button too changes itself to Stop in the course of auto play mode. It can be stopped manually or it stops on its own when the selected number of spins has been achieved.

Wild Symbol

This one has an edge over other games, in the sense they are doubling wilds. The Wilds replace every other symbol as well as the scatter.

Pay Table

Wins are calculated as shown:

  • Line Win = line bet multiplied by the multiplier that is displayed in the pay table.
  • Scatter Win = total bet multiplied by the multiplier that is displayed in the pay table.

On any given pay line, the biggest pay line combination gives you money whereas concurrent winning amounts on various pay lines are collected.

Total win and pay line win is shown at the bottom of the window.

The maximum payout is 10,000 coins, which is huge money for everyone.

Pay by both ways

Although the game is well known for having 9 pay lines across 5 reels, it in fact rewards 2 times the amount. The reason is each line pays wins in double directions, right to left and the original left to right.

Attractive Features of the Game

  • The Return to Player rate in Zhao Cai Jin Bao is 95.99%, which is not a bad figure at all.
  • The game is very lively and vibrant, and sticks to its theme.
  • Though simple, its rewards are quite worth a try and rational too.
  • A player can give one chance to this online slot game and check for himself if the particular thrills excite him or not.

Cons of the Game

  • The only downside of this slot game is that it offers no extra elements in the game play except the wild symbol and scatter. But this feature is negated by the fact that this slot offers a very attractive maximum return in a short time.

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