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This game is for all the animal lovers. If you love spending your spare time with animals from the forests and African jungles, this is your go-to game. You will get to check out the forest, feed the sea lions and bring the animals and their little ones together.

Exotic animals and creatures from all over are included in this slot machine, which gives you 3 exciting mini games.

Spigo came into existence about 10 years back with a sole aim to create entertaining and imaginative games. Their vision materialized into a reality with their casino games. Spigo’s casino games play with perfection on any device. One of their flagship games is Zoo.

Zoo is a 5 reels, multi play line slot machine. As a general rule, play one coin each on as may lines as you want.

How to Play and Master Zoo?

Zoo video slot is a 5×4 game with 178 bet ways. As mentioned earlier, it has 5 reels with 15 symbols altogether.

  • You can see Spin button on the bottom right side of the screen.
  • Buttons to alter the number of lines and stakes per each line are also provided at the bottom right, above the Spin button.
  • Right clicking on the spin button triggers the Auto Spin option. Clicking it the second time, de-activates it.
  • Top right corner of the screen shows the menu button.
  • To win, you need to have maximum number of similar symbols consecutively in a line. The winning symbol decides the amount of prize money.
  • The number of lines and stakes per line are displayed on the screen when you turn them off or on.
  • The initial 4 lines are placed horizontally across 5 rollers. New lines criss-cross the rows in between.
  • The chances of winning are increased as you keep playing more lines.
  • Odds are placed per each line. Correspondingly, a game with 3 lines worth $1 each costs $3 for a spin.

The win factor is multiplied by the line bet according to the number of matching symbols. Moreover, the winning combination begins on the left reel.

Jackpot Spin

Get 3 or more symbols in a row each time, to add a step to the jackpot ladder. Once the steps are complete, the jackpot spin activates, making you win a big prize.

Main features of the slot game are very similar to the numerous other slot games:

  • Wild – A wild symbol gives
  • 3 in line 100x
  • 4 in line 300x
  • 5 in line 600x
  • Free Spins
  • Jackpot
  • Scatter Symbols – This is indicated by Samson, the old gorilla. This symbol pays from anywhere on the reels, as long as there are 3 of a kind present. The gorilla awards you with 15 free spins, when the scatter is activated.

Paytable Details of Symbols

  • Elephant – when the elephant symbol shows up, it indicates2 in line 1×3 in line 2x

    4 in line 4x

    5 in line 16x

  • Giraffes – a giraffe symbol indicates2 in line 3×3 in line 6x

    4 in line 12x

    5 in line 24x

  • Hippos – this animal indicates2 in line 6×3 in line 15x

    4 in line 30x

    5 in line 50x

  • Jeeps represent3 in line 20×4 in line 40x

    5 in line 80x

  • Lions – a lion symbol gives you3 in line 25×4 in line 50x

    5 in line 85x

  • Monkeys represent3 in line 30×4 in line 60x

    5 in line 90x

  • Polar Bears – this symbol shows3 in line 40×4 in line 80x

    5 in line 120x

Bonus Symbols

If two sea lions appear anywhere on the reels, you are granted with a mini game symbol. Likewise, when you collect 5 mini game symbols, you are eligible to activate ‘Sea Lion Feeding’ mini game.

Things in Favor

  • RTP – 92%

Things Against

  • Payouts are not great.
  • In spite of being given numerous extras, you will not be winning huge prizes.

The final verdict on the Zoo slot game is, because of the progressive jackpot, it is a huge hit among the players. Although it is not a very profitable game, it is exciting enough when you are spinning the reels.

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