About Genesis Gaming Slots

Founded almost a decade ago, the Genesis Gaming Slotshave earned fame as being one of the most immersive online game slot of all times. With a motto to provide a one of a kind experience that combines technology and creativity, the Genesis Gaming sure has set numerous benchmarks in the online casino industry with its slots. Having created over 200 games to date, the company has consistently raised the bar when it comes to gaming content, and you should definitely play Genesis Gaming slots for real money. Unlike regular games, the casino game slots offered by the company can be played on any desktop and does not require any download.

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Main Facts about Genesis Gaming Mobile Slots

  • High RTP rates: The Genesis Gaming slot machines online give out an average return to player rate of somewhere around 95 to 96 percent, which is decent and surely is well ahead of many other games.
  • Varied Dispersion: The volatility of high RTP games such as the Dinosaur slot is quite high as well to play Genesis Gaming Casino games.
  • Creative gameplay: One thing that is sure to amaze you about slot machines from this developer is the unique gaming experience that each of its slots provides to players.
  • A Library of slots: With several classics, progressive jackpots and video slot machines that boast high-end graphics and 3D animations in their collection, the company sure has a lot to offer.

History of Genesis Gaming Slots

Established in 2008, Genesis Gaming has come a long way since its first casino game slot and has ever since its inception delivered games that are in a league of their own when it comes to overall gambling experience. The company has not restricted itself to the norms of the gambling industry and has created something for everyone starting from the high rollers to those who prefer penny slots. Situated at the very heart of the gambling industry in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company has been on a steady rise since its founding and has rapidly gained popularity with the masses. The game slot developer has achieved numerous milestones since its inception and has risen to the very top by providing a new twist to the online slot machine experience. The slots offered by Genesis Gaming inculcate all features that can be found in other top games in the online gambling industry along with a few extras. In early 2015, the company was awarded the license for the UK by the gambling commission and has ever since grown into a principal in the industry.

Popular Genesis Gaming Mobile Slots Online

The rise of Genesis Gaming can be directly attributed to the slot machines they have been releasing on a regular basis since their inception. Each game slot provides a unique experience owing to which a player can always find something new that peaks their interest. Some of the most popular Genesis Gaming mobile slots are as follows:

  1. Opera of The Masks

Based on the Chinese legends of the Bian Lian, this game slot is 243 ways win slot that offers an RTP of 95.01%. The game is of low to medium volatility and is highly immersive, which has led to its widespread popularity in recent years. Additionally, the slot offers a chance of winning 3000 times the players bet which can be obtained by landing a total of 5 red masks. It seems the company is not focused upon replicating the success of other slots but is more inclined towards creating fresh gaming experiences that are sure to entice the player.

  1. Dinosaur Adventure

One of their most popular game slots owing to an unusually high RTP of 97.25%, the dinosaur game slot offers a total of 1024 paylines. This is a six-reel game which has free spins, multipliers up to 64x, scatters etc. which together result in an insane payout. The slot is the most volatile to ever come out of Genesis Gaming and provides a gaming experience that is unlike any other.The chances of getting more in terms of returns come at an increased risk and do increase the attraction of such slots. The changing trend seems to indicate a greater amount of risk in newer games.

  1. Ragnarok: The Fall of Odin

Based on a Nordic theme, the Ragnarok game slot sure brings the legends of the likes of Thor and Odin to life. Set around a legendary war that is said to be the end of the gods of Asguard, the slot is among those that must be played at least once by every gambler. With its numerous features and unique gameplay, it is set to emerge as one of the best in the online slot domain.

  1. Wild Space

Wild space is another example of the philosophy Genesis Gaming is based on, uniqueness. The slot, unlike your typical online games, has a spiral reel that has planets and stars as symbols each of which is sucked into the black hole in the centre. The symbols return to the screen from what can only be described as a wormhole.

  1. The Boom Squad

Another high RTP game slot with almost 97.06% as a return to player, the game offers moderate volatility and a one of a kind experience. The Boom squad sure does put a smile on your face with its 50 paylines all the heroes spinning away on its reels that are sure to boost your winnings.

Considered to be among the newer generation of casino game slot designers, Genesis Gaming sure has proven its mettle with the myriad of games that it offers. The key features of the slots from this company that are bound to attract players are the uniqueness of each slot, to experience which, be sure to visit bettingcasinoslots.com and enjoy. This is not to say that they do not have any traditional or classic slots on offer, the 200+ casino games created by them sure have something for everyone. The company does offer quite a few mobile slots that can be played on the browser app on any smartphone with an internet connection.