Konami slots – play slots online in the UK

Konami is a Japanese company that manufactures video games. After its poor performance in the arcade department, the company started manufacturing slot machines. Because of its expertise and financial capacities, this venture is bound to be successful.

The company’s name, Konami, actually means “little waves.” Founded by Kagamasa Kouzuki in 1969, it has made quite a lot of interesting casino machines. However, when it moved to Vegas in 2005, it started producing slot machines. Apart from Vegas, the company has other US bases in Nevada and California. It also has headquarters in Sidney, Australia.

The company has been slow in bringing its best game titles to free slots online and with no download requirement. However, when it made its games available as a no-download option that can be played in the browser, several online casinos started to offer its titles.

Konami slots

They aren’t known to have full of features but they do offer some great bonus games. Furthermore, you’ll find that most of its games have unusual reel shapes. Most of them have a diamond-like shape. Others have unique 4-5-4-5-4 configuration that comes with hexagon shaped symbols.

The Rocky slots, which are based on the movie series, were the first slot machines of the said company. Apart from that, it also produced other favorite machines such as Money in the Bank and Dance Dance Revolution. Konami also manufactured Atlantic Treasure, Cash Inferno, and several others.

Features to Look Forward to when You Play Free Konami Slots

  • Konami Code or cheat code is one of the unique features of a Konami game. The first games with this feature were the Gradius and Contra. To get the cheat codes, you need to press a set of buttons after you pause a game. Doing so will let you get through challenging levels. These codes will also enhance the gaming experience.
  • Action Stacked Symbols is another signature feature of the company’s slot games. In here, reels are allowed to have a specific amount of adjacent positions. When that amount is reached, the symbols are released by a standard symbol. Because of that replacement, it lets you get bigger chances of getting a huge jackpot prize. But the prize varies on the money you deposit and the maximum payout of the machine.
  • Wild is not a signature feature, but it’s an interesting one that enables you to generate wins. It replaces other symbols on the reels to form a winning combination. For example, if the machine has five reels with 20 pay lines and one of the lines contain four matching icons and a Wild, the line will count as five winning combinations. You’ll then be aware with five of a kind win.
  • Mirror Reels are commonly found in Konami slots. One example is the Fortunes of the Orient. In this feature, the reels will mirror each other. As a result, it increases your potential of getting a winning combination. However, you can only activate it when the three bonus symbols appear. Then again, when they appear, it’s worth waiting because its action is frantic and it gives you huge wins.
  • Balance of Fortune feature is a bonus free game feature that also appears when you bet for real money. It’s triggered during the free spin round. Press the Credit Prize button to choose the Balance of Fortune. After doing so, you’ll be given a random credit amount, rather than a set of free spins. As any point in the free game round, you can choose Credit Prize to replace your free spins for a credit award. But you can only do so if 20 free games are remaining. Your wins will be greater when you get more free games in exchange for a bonus award. The maximum credits you can get is 85,200.
  • Free Spins. Konami isn’t known for giving its users free spins. However, it does offer quite a few slot machines with this feature. In here, players are given a chance to obtain up to 25 free games. Triggering it will depend on the game you’re playing. For example, in the Grand Power of Africa, this feature is triggered when you get three Savannah scatters.
  • Xtra Reward. Not all slot machines from this company have this feature. Hers of Wins Slots, for example, has this feature rewards a lot of credits. It’s only available in slots with 20 and 30 pay lines. The rule here is that the third reel will have two symbols in one reel.

As you can see, Konami has much to offer to its customers. If you want to submerge into gaming atmosphere with Japanese flavour, do it on our website and you’ll be favorably impressed!