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Today, there are more and more things that are coming out about space such as television shows, movies, comics, and more. It’s such an interesting topic to talk about because of how controversial it can be. Do aliens exist? What is in area 51? Do spaceships orbit the earth?

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Alien Slots for Real Money

There is Area 51 in the Nevada Desert within the vicinity of Groom Lake. It was in 1955 that low flying objects were spotted flying around Area 51. These were only U-2 aircraft flying around, but it made people speculate even more about what was going on in this area. Not to mention, more and more UFOs were spotted around the world. One such famous UFO incident was dubbed as Roswell.

Roswell was part of an ongoing conspiracy theory. The military stated that it was just a weather balloon that had crashed in Roswell, but conspiracy theorists came up with theories that included the coverup of alien lifeform by the military. This has become one of the most popular “UFO” incidents in history as well as the theory behind it.

Aliens are an interesting topic to talk about. There are either those who believe or those who want to believe. It’s rare that you talk to somebody who has never thought of another form of life somewhere. Since we can’t quite meet an alien, since their existence is up in the air (in more ways than one), the closest we can get to them is playing a game dedicated to these strange creatures.

Alien Best Online Casino Slots

Check out some of these alien-themed games may have you feeling closer to the extraterrestrial than ever before:


This online slot is brought to you by NetEnt, one of the largest and most popular slots producing companies. The slot has five reels, three rows, and fifteen paylines for you to bet on. You can bet from two cents all the way to €150, allowing you to win a whopping 570,000 coins. With this game, you can play through three levels. Level one is the Search. You have to keep a lookout for the alien activity meter. The winning combos increase the multiplier one by one. Level two is the Encounter. Each time you spin the reel, you trigger a bet line with an extra three symbols. Each time an ammo symbol appears, a re-spin is triggered. Finally, level three is the Hive. Your ammo clip counter will be loaded with four clips, which bring you five re-spins. If you kill the queen, you are rewarded 250x your win.

There are plenty of opportunities to win quite a lot of coins with all of the different levels that you can win. The chances are even higher with the 96.4% RTP that the game has.

2027 ISS

Hop aboard the 2027 ISS and travel to outer space to win fantastic prizes. This game features a board with five reels, three rows, and nine pay lines. There are quite a few features that you will come across during this game:

  • Hyperspace Jump: This bonus requires one fuel cell. Once you are entered into hyperspace, your prize will be doubled.
  • ISS: If you acquire three or more ISS symbols anywhere on the board, you will enter the free spins game. Every prize you get during this bonus is tripled. The game is over once all fuel cells are empty.
  • Astronaut: This symbol fills in as all of the other symbols except for the ISS. Any winning combo that is created with this icon is doubled.
  • Fuel: This icon refills one fuel cell and doubles the winning prize.

2027 ISS comes with a 96% RTP, adding top the possibilities for big wins.

Wacky Monsters

If you’re looking for more of a fun game to play, check out Wacky Monsters by Spinomenal. This video slot features nine lines, three rows, and five reels. Wacky Monsters is sure to entertain you with its interestingly designed creatures and fabulous rewards. There are a few ways to win some money while you play this game:

  • Green Slime Monster: This cute little green guy is made of slime and can activate the bonus round. If you land on three or more of these, you will be rewarded 10 free spins.
  • Mummy: The mummy is the wild symbol. It takes the place of all symbols on the board except for the green slime monster.

One interesting feature of the game is that when you lose, you gain profit. Each time you don’t land a winning combo, the multiplier will grow by one. When you finally land on a winning combo, it will be multiplied by the current multiplier.

Aliens are a touchy subject for some, but for others, they embrace it. These games are super fun to play and may even make a believer out of a non-believer. If you check out the whole list, you will see some that are both serious and a bit unique.