Battle Slots

From centuries people have taken interests in listening to the stories of the wars. Each clan, state, country, religion has its own war heroes who made use of their phenomenal skills to uphold the pride of their people. There are a number of blockbuster movies made on the historic wars, and various bestsellers tell the tales of such real-life heroes. Stories like Braveheart, 300, Glory and Pearl Harbor are still extremely famous among the history lovers. Now you don’t need to go into a war zone in order to experience war, but you can play one of these online slots and even win a treasure.

Spartacus Slot - Photo
Wild Orient Slot - Photo
Wild Orient
Hot As Hades Slot - Photo
Hot As Hades
The Dark Knight Rises Slot - Photo
The Dark Knight Rises
Blood Suckers Slot - Photo
Blood Suckers
Enchanted Unicorn Slot - Photo
Enchanted Unicorn
Avalon II Slot - Photo
Avalon II
Diamond Wild Slot - Photo
Diamond Wild
Monopoly Multiplier Slot - Photo
Monopoly Multiplier
Monopoly: Here and Now Slot - Photo
Monopoly: Here and Now
Thundering Zeus Slot - Photo
Thundering Zeus
Buffalo Spirit Slot - Photo
Buffalo Spirit
Diamond Goddess Slot - Photo
Diamond Goddess
Double Buffalo Spirit Slot - Photo
Double Buffalo Spirit
Viking Vanguard Slot - Photo
Viking Vanguard
Viking Quest Slot - Photo
Viking Quest
Viking Age Slot - Photo
Viking Age
Super Monopoly Money Slot - Photo
Super Monopoly Money
Zeus III Slot - Photo
Zeus III
World of Oz Slot - Photo
World of Oz
MP Avalon Slot - Photo
MP Avalon
Monopoly: Dream Life Slot - Photo
Monopoly: Dream Life
Jungle Wild 2 Slot - Photo
Jungle Wild 2
Brave Viking Slot - Photo
Brave Viking

Battle Slots for Real Money

When you think of war, you think of warriors, shields, swords, fighter planes, tanks, guns, and grenades. Battle slots provide you all of that and even bring the fights between various Greek Gods in front of your eyes. The slot manufacturers have tried to recreate the war scenarios in various games with the help of high-quality graphics as well as impressive background music. Special effects and bonuses have been added in such games to provide more entertainment to the war lovers.

There are multiple online games based on the real-life battle events, and they depict the scenes of war mostly forgotten by the world. They give a sneak peek into the wild era of human history when it was all about conquering lands and proving oneself worthy to rule. Most of the interesting games are related to the war heroes of World War 1 and World War 2. These slots remind you of the famous war movies, and the music takes you into the battlefield. There are various games based on the achievements of different kings, for example, King Arthur.

All of the battle-themed games have pretty common symbols because it is necessary to depict the heroes of the battle as well as the enemies. The symbols include warriors as well as their favorite weapons. Although there aren’t many battles going on in the world right now so it would be really expensive to recreate such a situation. But we’ve got these games based on this particular theme especially for the people who love to visit the battlefield in one form or another. Now you can enjoy the battlefield experience with the help of these games while investing a little amount of money.

Battle Best Online Casino Slots

There is a long list of famous battle slots when it comes to online slots. These battle slots provide great entertainment as well as great RTP. In addition to this, the bonuses are pretty awesome as compared to the bet size and amount.

The first mention would be “King Arthur” here as we are talking about battles. Here are the reasons why:

  • The minimum bet is just 0.02$ which makes it easier to play for everybody.
  • The bonus feature of the tournament of the “Knight of the Roundtable” in this game helps you to win up to 15 free spins as well as a multiplier of 1x to 5x during these free spins helping you to win decently.

The second mention would be “Treasures of Troy” and here are few of the reasons why:

  • There are 1024 different ways to win.
  • The game contains really interesting graphics as well as an amazing soundtrack.
  • The symbols clearly depict the important characters of the great battle of Troy.
  • Most interesting thing about this game is the massive jackpot amount of 25,000, 000 for the players.
  • You can win up to 20 free spins.

The third mention in the list of top games based on the battle theme would be “Sparta”. Spartans are known in the history of their bravery and battle skills. This is a 5 reel slot and here are few reasons why it is present in this list:

  • Although it has average graphics the gameplay is quite interesting.
  • The players can win 18,000 coins if 5 wilds appear on the active paylines.
  • There is a special gamble option that can help you double or even quadruple your winnings by guessing the correct color and suit of the card.

The next mention in this list would be “Attila”. The theme is based on the historic warrior known as Attila the Hun whose empire stretched from Baltic Sea to Ural River, but he wanted to conquer the world. Here are few reasons why it is one of the best in this niche:

  • A scatter win provides 2, 25,000 coins as well as 16 free games. There is a probability to triple your winnings during these free games.
  • Earn 25,000 coins for saving the temple.
  • Earn 50,000 coins for killing the archers.
  • Win 1,000,000 coins if you are a winner against Attila himself.