Space Slots

Right when we were kids, mostly all of us wanted to become astronauts when we grow up and travel into the world of the unknown! The boundless territory has always fascinated us. As kids, we always wondered what secrets lie there. Is there another Earth? Is there a planet trying wage a war against us? What’s there on the stars? So many questions but with little or no answers. Well, while the eminent and qualified researchers and scientists are trying their best to clear the mysteries that are taking flight into space, space as a casino game theme has become quite popular among all.

Gamblers find it fun, and that is why the casino game software providers are keeping themselves constantly busy extending their Martian and space collection. What makes this theme more special is that one can travel into the outer world and meet the aliens without any spaceships or a spacesuit. All one needs is a computer or smartphone to participate in some amazingly thrilling space slots and win some exciting prizes.

Apollo Rising Slot - Photo
Apollo Rising
Unicorn Gems Slot - Photo
Unicorn Gems
Halloween Slot - Photo
Winstar Slot - Photo
Triangulation Slot - Photo
Ultimate Universe Slot - Photo
Ultimate Universe
Extreme Slot - Photo
Little Green Man Slot - Photo
Little Green Man
Moon Goddess Slot - Photo
Moon Goddess
Neon Staxx Slot - Photo
Neon Staxx
Starburst Slot - Photo

Are you ready to travel into the zero-gravity zone and witness the dark outer world while indulging yourself in some nice and exciting online gaming experiences? Let’s get started then.

Space Slots for Real Money

Whether you play cosmic slots for real money or just for fun, unless you find a game that is interesting and lives up to your high expectations, everything is useless. To save you from all the hard work to find your favorite slot, we have included some of the bests in the category:

  • Transformers Battle for Cybertron. IGT is best-known for creating some games with amazing themes. So now, after several Transformer movies have hit the theatres with a big bang, it is time to include them transforming cars to be there in the casino slots. IGT created this 5×4 slot that offers 40 paylines. Great graphics, bonus features like free spins and multipliers: what else one could possibly ask for?
  • Battlestar Galactica. Battlestar Galactica by Microgaming is a 243-payline slot which is based on some battles. It got an exceptional RTP of 96.6%. Your mission is to cross that galaxy in search of the thirteenth colony. There are different modes of play. To make it more exciting: there are some free spins and multipliers boosting your rewards.
  • Natural Powers. IGT has another amazing slot with a huge bonus jackpot of  25000000 coins. It is a 5-reels by 4-rows slot with 40 paylines. It got more of an energetic feel as the graphics and symbols are cartoonish, and thus lively. The slot RTP is extremely nice: 96.47%. Plus, there are free spins and multipliers. One can never ignore all these!
  • Extreme. It is time to go extreme with Stake Logic. Traveling into space itself is an extreme ambition. This slot got 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines but what makes it more interesting than other casino games is that there are some hidden riches in the space each releasing some random multipliers. We all love multipliers and free spins!

Did you find your best pick? No worries, if you have, there are more games that are being developed every day just for you.

Space Best Online Casino Slots

Galactic creatures and their world have always been a matter of fascination to all of us. No doubt, cosmic slots are so popular among slot lovers. Below, you will find a few names that had to be mentioned when talking about best online space slots:

  • Aliens. Aliens slot by NetEnt needs no introduction. Probably, it is one of the most popular slots in this specific category. There is a scope to win 570000 coins for the jackpot amount. Coming to the gameplay, one can really do expect some action and fun altogether! The 3D graphics used in the slot brings out the gloomy and scary side of the galactic creatures so wonderfully.
  • Starburst. Though launched only a few years ago, Stardust has really put all other space slots far behind in popularity. Well, it has only 10-paylines, but the fact that players can win both the ways makes up for all. It is like you are capturing all the stars in your pocket and now they are making you rich at the end of the day! NetEnt deserves all the applause for this incredible slot for sure.
  • Cosmic Cat. Sometimes, things can get way too gloomy and serious. This is why Microgaming took up the duty to create a fun and relaxing casino game. Cosmic Cat is a classic celestial slot with 3 reels and only 1 payline. It is quite old-school but refreshing! No complex rules or bonus features; just hit 3 wilds and you get the jackpot.
  • Big Bang. It is a NetEnt production that got 25 paylines and a nice RTP of 96%. The big bang is that you can get a multiplier of up to 32x which is not a small figure. It’s futuristic and super fun – one may end up wishing to be an astronaut once again!

Finally, it is such a relief that now you can travel to the unknown heights and places without much of preparation – just log on to your computer and play your favorite space slot. Exploring the celestial world has never been so fun and easy before!