Try Mobile slots for Fun and Then Play for Real Money

The rules of online casino games industry are changing – mobile slots are now the future of this sector. It’s easy to understand why: such games are easier to develop, cheaper and attract more customers. The days we have been playing games by sitting on a computer are behind, now we can enjoy the slot machines at any time and place we want. All you need is a cellular phone and/or a tablet PC: These two devices offer players everything they want. No download is needed to start playing, you can play these games even at small breaks and win real money: Each game contains very satisfying payout tables.

Moreover, you do not need to re-learn anything, you are still playing the same games with the same rules. As the capabilities of portable devices increase, so do the mobile slots UK. In the near future, we will see VR mobile games that can be played with virtual reality glasses: Are you ready for this revolution? Do you know how to play mobile slots and what devices should you use? In this extensive article, we have prepared, you can find answers to all these questions and more. Start reading immediately and hurry: thousands of games are waiting for you!

She’s a Rich Girl Slot - Photo
She’s a Rich Girl
Aliens Slot - Photo
Viking’s Treasure Slot - Photo
Viking’s Treasure
Fantastic Fruit Slot - Photo
Fantastic Fruit
Fruit Party Slot - Photo
Fruit Party
Mega Moolah Slot - Photo
Mega Moolah
Zuma Slot - Photo
House of Fun Slot - Photo
House of Fun
Fruit Cocktail Slot - Photo
Fruit Cocktail
Keno Slot - Photo
Wheel of Fortune Slot - Photo
Wheel of Fortune
Avalon Slot - Photo
Cleopatra’s Coins Slot - Photo
Cleopatra’s Coins
Avalon II Slot - Photo
Avalon II
Black Diamond Slot - Photo
Black Diamond
Buffalo Slot - Photo
Jungle Wild Slot - Photo
Jungle Wild
Diamond Wild Slot - Photo
Diamond Wild
Diamond Deal Slot - Photo
Diamond Deal
Da Vinci Diamonds Slot - Photo
Da Vinci Diamonds
Crazy Jungle Slot - Photo
Crazy Jungle
Cleopatra’s Pyramid Slot - Photo
Cleopatra’s Pyramid
Cleopatra’s Gold Slot - Photo
Cleopatra’s Gold
Book of Ra Deluxe Slot - Photo
Book of Ra Deluxe
Monopoly: Here and Now Slot - Photo
Monopoly: Here and Now

Devices for Free Mobile Slots

You can play mobile casino slots with every device that goes into the “mobile” category. The first examples come to mind, of course, are cellular phones and tablet computers. As you know, there are a lot of portable devices on the market. For this reason, it is not possible to prepare a list according to the brand and model. However, even though their numbers are many, all these devices basically use 4 operating systems. That’s why we prepared our list according to these systems:

  • iOS: Devices using the iOS operating system are iPhones, iPads, and iPods. All of these are manufactured with a fixed hardware configuration. So the hardware that these devices have doesn’t change according to the model. This allows mobile casino slots producers to develop games in accordance with a standard. The largest number of such slot games is on the iOS platform. To play any game, you need to download an app from the “App Store”. This app may belong to the game itself or may belong to the casino where the game is located.
  • Android: There are a lot of gadgets that use the Android operating system. Generally speaking, it is used on HTC, Sony, Asus, and Samsung portable devices. To play a game on an Android-powered phone or tablet, you need to use the “Play Store” application. Like iOS, you install the game or the casino’s app by using the Play Store. But there is one important detail to note: Android is not a standardized operating system like iOS. It can work on many different hardware configurations. In other words, cheaply priced devices may not have enough hardware power to run games with advanced graphics.
  • Windows Phone: Although the number of games is relatively small, you can also play free mobile slots on the Windows platform. However, the disadvantage of having different hardware configurations applies to this platform too: except for flagship models, most devices using the Windows Phone operating system are not sufficient for many of the titles.
  • Blackberry: The Blackberry platform has been able to run Android applications since v.10 and is using the same Play Store. So the explanations we provided for Android are also valid for this platform. However, it should be noted that this platform is gradually disappearing: it seems that Blackberry will start to use Android infrastructure in a short time.
    In any case, you need to install a custom app to play casino games with portable devices. If you cannot find such an app, all you can do is use the mobile version of the casino website. This, unfortunately, provides an unideal gaming experience.

Advantages of Playing Slots on Mobile

Playing mobile slots has many advantages, and we can say that these games are starting to change the whole industry. Some of these advantages are:

  • Play Anywhere You Want. Now you do not have to depend on your computer to play games, you can play mobile slots whenever and wherever you want. While you are traveling, flying or even jogging: you determine the time and location. You do not need an additional hardware too because a touch screen (and an internet connection) is all you need. Portable gaming offers you true freedom.
  • No Difference between Games. The rules and chances of winning are no different from other games. You are still playing the same thing, no need to learn it again. In fact, it is even possible to say that you have a higher chance of winning: most of the mobile titles have more bonus features and jackpot prizes.
  • Continue from Where You Left off. It is possible to continue a game from your cellular phone that you started playing on your computer. All mobile games run on a common platform and record your status regardless of the device you are using. So, for example, if you have won 100 free spins while playing on a computer, you will be able to use these spins on your portable device.
  • Advanced Controls. You control these apps with your fingers, not the keyboard and mouse. Since the screen dimensions of these gadgets are small, you will experience a much more satisfying control feeling. For the same reason, it is also possible to focus on the game more easily.
  • You Can Play Mobile Slots for Real Money. You can play online games with real money, as well as for free. So this hobby can make you money!

Whether you are playing from the UK or any other location in the world, we offer you the best and most popular collection of mobile slots. Enjoy!