The best progressive slots for fun – play online

Everyone enters a casino hoping of winning a jackpot that can transform their lives. If you dream of landing a jackpot, progressive slots maybe the way to go. Let us be sincere guys; you will never win thousands of dollars by playing games such as blackjack. The possible winnings are just not worth your investment.

Divine Fortune Slot - Photo
Divine Fortune
Zodiac Fortune Slot - Photo
Zodiac Fortune
Winstar Slot - Photo
X-Men 50 Lines Slot - Photo
X-Men 50 Lines
5 Dazzling Hot Slot - Photo
5 Dazzling Hot
Age Of Troy Slot - Photo
Age Of Troy
Triangulation Slot - Photo
Triple Twister Slot - Photo
Triple Twister
Ultimate Universe Slot - Photo
Ultimate Universe
Ulisse Slot - Photo
Gladiator Jackpot Slot - Photo
Gladiator Jackpot
Magic Fruits Slot - Photo
Magic Fruits
Mega Fortune Dreams Slot - Photo
Mega Fortune Dreams
Reel King Potty Slot - Photo
Reel King Potty
She’s a Rich Girl Slot - Photo
She’s a Rich Girl
Aliens Slot - Photo
Viking’s Treasure Slot - Photo
Viking’s Treasure
Fantastic Fruit Slot - Photo
Fantastic Fruit
Fruit Party Slot - Photo
Fruit Party
Mega Moolah Slot - Photo
Mega Moolah
Zuma Slot - Photo
House of Fun Slot - Photo
House of Fun
Fruit Cocktail Slot - Photo
Fruit Cocktail
Keno Slot - Photo
Wheel of Fortune Slot - Photo
Wheel of Fortune

I have decided to develop this post with the intention of helping you understand free progressive slots, the way they work and also why you should have an interest in playing them. I have also analyzed the most popular and famous progressive jackpots you can play online casinos.

How Do These Slots Work?

If you are a regular player of these games, you can bear me witness that most jackpots are usually fixed amounts. However, in such kind of a game, the jackpot continues to rise as you add more coins and spin the wheel. How is this even possible? Well, a small percent of your coins will be used in feeding the jackpot.

Progressive slots include:

  • Standalone These slots will have jackpot tickers for every game. Nonetheless, only bets placed on that particular slot machine have the ability to feed the jackpot. A few years ago, only standalone slot machines were available. However, the industry has advanced to incorporate machines with multiple features that can link to each other. However, stand-alone machines are still being manufactured, and you will easily find them in several casinos. Jackpots in such machines are normally below ten thousand dollars
  • Local Perhaps, it we can say it was the 2nd step in the development and evolution of progressive machines. These beasts are still available in many casinos. They have linked jackpots that are only explicit to a specific casino. The system can comprise a few gaming machines or even hundreds of them. It is entirely dependent on the place you will be playing the game. Jackpots in such machines are normally under $0.1 million.
  • Wide Area This is perhaps the most famous slot game ever to be availed in casinos today. As their name goes, these machines can be linked to several casinos within a state. This feature gives players the flexibility to win huge amounts of real money which go beyond $1000,000 or even over $10,000000.

How Are Jackpots Won in This Category?

No way or concept can be used to increase the chances of landing a jackpot. The chance of winning a jackpot in such slots is similar to those of a lottery. However, slot machines increase the probability every hour a feature which differentiates it from lottery games.

All you have to remember is that these jackpots do not become “due”. Regardless of the size of the top prize, the probability of landing it remains small. Sometimes jackpots can grow big enough for a bet in a particular slot to become a positive expectation; however, there is no practical expectation of getting it. The truth is a one in a million shot remains a one in a million shot regardless of whether the Jack grows to $3 million or not

The Most Popular Games in This Category Include:

  • Megabucks. Boasts as the most famous and popular gaming network available online. The chance of landing the jackpot in this category is estimated to be one in fifty million. The possible amount that can be won in this progressive ranges from ten million dollars to hundreds of millions
  • Wheel of Fortune. Also a very popular game, and unlike other progressives, it is available in several denominations. It’s quarter version is the most popular denomination with a beginning jackpot of $2000, 000. Sometimes its jackpot can get close to $2 million, but in most cases, it is normally below a million dollars.
  • Elvis. He wasn’t only the king of rock but also a symbolic figure of Las Vegas. The founders of the game decided to name it after him. Its jackpot starts at a hundred thousand dollars and costs 25 cents for every spin. To qualify for a full bet, you need to place the full bet of 3 coins. It is never recommended to play slot games without making a maximum bet because you won’t be eligible for the full prize until you do so.

Online Progressive Slots

The world has shifted online, and so has casinos. Online progressive slot games are as popular as land based ones. Online casinos in the UK like Microgaming have transformed themselves into pioneers in this field with a huge variety of jackpots

There is no difference between online no download and land-based progressives. Every wager made to the machine feeds a small amount towards the jackpot for that specific game. Due to the increase in popularity of online gaming, the lives of many have been changed, and the online industry has become as big, famous and progressives as Las Vegas.