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Casino slots online emerged and began to gather a rather massive following. Considering the advantages they brought to the table, many began to prefer the online slots. There was no longer need to travel to a real casino, but instead one could play casino slots online from home.

There are many varieties and types of online casinos including no registration slots. The number is so large that the task to understand them can be daunting. Therefore, we have taken it upon ourselves to do all the research. The information about online slots simplified into one package is gathered bellow.

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Jimi Hendrix
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Thunderstruck 2
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How to Play

While online slots vary very widely, we can establish a basic playing procedure that applies to almost all rounds on free slots and bonuses like £20 Free No Deposit Bonus Casinos and £10 No Deposit Slot Bonus. Depending on the casino that you visit, you might have to register for an account to start playing. Furthermore, if they have no option for free slots, then you must deposit some money before you can start playing.

The main idea behind the new slots mobile games is to spin the reels. However, before that, you will be required to make some coin and line adjustments. To get details on the payouts and the winning symbols, you must consult the paytable. First, you pick the coins to spend on each line, then you select the lines which should be active. Your real money game should include a button to place the maximum bet with ease.

Top Developers

Someone has to design the software that runs the online slots. While there are a lot of developers out there, some of them have established themselves as pacesetters in the industry. Their work speaks out for itself in quality and innovation. To make it easier we concluded the short online slots guide highlighting the following software companies:

Microgaming. The company began its bid at the casino market in 1994 being among the early birds in this industry. However, the market wasn’t welcoming to the young upcoming firm. Their online casino was not picking up well, so they ventured into licensing their products. Now, it is just about the largest producer of games for fun having over 800 of them to its name. Famous free online slots from Microgaming include:

  • Mega Moolah
  • Game of thrones
  • Avalon

Playtech. Playtech is another recognized slots dealer. It is based in Douglas in Isle of Man. Although it came after Microgaming, this company has done well to collect a fair market share too. Its pioneer casino was released in 2001 and from then the firm has risen through the ranks. The competitive edge of Playtech is that they have a diversified product portfolio. A few of their top games include:

  • Iron man
  • Fantastic four
  • Incredible hulk

Net Ent. It is referred to in full as Net Entertainment. The developer features about 200 slot machine types in its catalog. Known for its keen interest to maintain originality of its product line, Net Ent has become another recognized brand across the globe. They develop software for other games apart from the slots. Though they are not yet the biggest producers, the potential and opportunity for growth is very promising. Here are some of their best creations:

  • South Park
  • Aliens
  • Starburst

IGT. The International gaming company has risen to fame of online casinos. Their products are all over the international market. Their commitment to pushing the limits of slots online casinos development has paid off and earned them a name within the market. Their products include:

  • Black Widow
  • Bubble Craze
  • Da Vinci Diamonds

Learn more details about slot games providers.

Return to Player Values

How do you determine which slots are right for you? There are a few features that you can check out to get familiar with the slot machines you intend to play.

The return to player value tells you how much you are likely to make in the long run. Remember that the math is done for a period over which the wins and losses will balance out. If a slot gives a 98% RTP value, out of $100 you bet you get a return of $98. The $2 is taken by the casino and is called the house edge or advantage.

Bonus Round Slots

These are additional features attached to the base game to give more wins. The slots bonus rounds are equipped with multipliers that significantly enhance wins in the round.

Casino Slots Online with Free Spins

The most used bonus feature is the free spins game. The client is rewarded with extra spins mostly when the scatter symbols appear. These additional features are credited with multipliers to increase the player’s wins. Some casino slots can offer up to over 100 free spins.


It is very important to know the online casino payouts and the fastest withdrawal casinos, also you can find the information about the security of the following procedure.

Classification Criteria

Classification of free online slots can be quite confusing. The reason behind that is there are many slots each unique from the other. When clustered into groups depending on certain criteria,  number of groups that can be formed is also huge.

3-reel vs. 5 reel

The three-reeled layout is the basic and traditional slot machine format that you can play free online. It was the initial design, before innovation and creativity brought in newer and modern looks. The 3-reeled versions mostly have only a single pay line. The five-reeled slots are a more modern design and arguably the most common online slot models today. They are unique in that they can contain a few pay lines to as many as over two hundred.

Free Mobile Slots Versus Desktop Versions

As technology advances, casinos also have to stay afloat. Now, the trend is to develop mobile compatible software. As mobile devices popularity has grown more people have access to a smartphone than a desktop computer. Initially, slots were developed for the desktop, but now, most of mobile slots are designed to be adaptable to smartphone operating systems.

Play Money Slots for Free

We can classify slots as free or real money. Free casino games are offered on the Australian free pokies website mainly for demo and practice purposes. The client will require no deposits to start playing. Though the free versions will most times be basic and block some of their functionalities, they are a good point to start for beginners. They can learn and master the game before venturing into the real money section. Thus, it is possible to play the money slots for free depending on which online casino you attend.

Real money slots require some deposits to be made before the player can access them. Required initial installments vary from one developer to another. Moreover, most of these slots give welcome bonuses to new registrations made. The best of them even offer follow up packages to help customers get started on the right foot and play for real wins.

Progressive and Non-Progressive

Non- progressive free online casino games are very common. Their jackpots are fixed and thus do not change regardless of how many people play the slot. Such jackpots are also termed as flat tops. Though the payout prize cannot rival that of the progressive slot, some of them give amazing deals. Just check the slot details to figure out how much you stand to win.

Progressive slots casino machines have a prize that grows as people play the game. That is to say that, the prize value increases every time a player bets on that specific game. The more the number of people who play, the bigger the reward becomes. So, these slots could feature very hefty pay packages. To win the jackpot you need wild symbols appearing on your reels. The following are the types of progressives;

  1. Standalone   These kinds of jackpots are tied to a single slot machine that refers to a casino. Only a single game contributes to increasing the outcome. Therefore, players must bet on that particular slot for the jackpot to grow. Because only one is used, it is the smallest among the progressive jackpots.
  2. In-house In this case, more than one slot is involved. The difference is that these games should be at the same online casino. Therefore, in one casino, for example, two or more slots can be grouped to contribute to the prize. If any of the games are played, then the jackpot grows.
  3. Network Networked jackpots cut across several online casinos. That can include very many games which means many bets are accumulated in a single day. Thus, the payout expands rapidly and can reach huge values. In essence, these are the best paying among the three types. They are responsible for the biggest pays in the history of slot games.

Our List of Top Slot Machine Games

Playing free slot games is about the rewards. Though we intend to have fun while at it, we most definitely need something tangible to be proud of at the end. Thus, we are better off if we play the best slots that promise better outcomes. The following games are among our favorites. The two most used criteria are availability of a progressive payout and the return to player fraction. We must admit that we love the plays that feature extremely high RTP values.

  • Desert Treasure

This slot features a backdrop stretching over a vast expanse of desert sand. The use of brown and green brings out the clear expression of the desert. desert-treasure-slot-img In order to become a winner, you must learn to avoid the dangerous desert cobras and scorpions.  It features 20 pay lines and 5 reels. The reason we rate this slot very highly is because of its very low house edge. At just 3%, it does not get better than that. Moreover, the jackpot prize is 10000. You can win great payouts from this game very easily because all other features are included like the slots free spins. The slot is developed by Playtech and includes a low to high bet limit. For each of the 20 pay lines, you can place 10 coins. Since the maximum coin value is five, the largest possible bet is 1000 coins in total. The slot includes a bonus game, auto play option and adequate multipliers.

  • A Night Out

We seem to have a taste for Playtech products because this one is also from the same company.

The story revolves around going out for the night. night out slot It comes with loaded fun in form of wilds and scatters that reward you repeatedly. Just like our previous exposition, this slot also has 5 reels and the same number of lines. The value returning to a player and the jackpot size is high but the amount of coins that can be placed is doubled to become 20. That max wager, however, drops to 800 caused partially by the low coin sizes. There is missing a progressive jackpot in this slot. However, these free spins slots together with their wild and scatter are included. The combined power of the wild and scatter icons make sure the clients win more often. Still, the value return ratio is recorded at 97% which is reasonably high.

  • Thunderstruck 2

Lovers and followers of Thor will most definitely fall in love with Thunderstruck 2. Thor is a character depiction of a god of thunder and lightning. Thunderstruck-II slot game logo His two most powerful weapons are his hammer and fist. Both are included among the symbols in use when playing the slot. With 243 pay lines, the methods of winning are almost endless for the player. The Microgaming video slot has both bonus games and free spins features. Besides that, the multipliers on offer are great too. Compared to its predecessor the Thunderstruck, it has a better payout fraction and a non-progressive bonus of 6000 coins. Ten coins are acceptable on a single line on the higher side, and as expected, Thor takes the capacity of the wild symbol.

  • Circus of Cash

The circus is known for high returns in terms of fun and laughter to its audience. An experience at one is enough to bring you back over and over again. That is exactly what this slot achieves. The twenty-five pay line and five reels outline is superbly tailored to match the circus entertainment. circus of cash game The creation has a colorful interface opening up from the backdrop of bright and official circus colors.  The animals and human characters will give you the performance of your lifetime to keep you at the edge of your seat. With this game, you get to play for fun for a progressive prize and could end up walking away with huge returns. Though the house is placed at an advantage of about 6%, the payout is worth your time. In addition to the available bonus game, the special symbols set you up to compete for the 6000 coin jackpot available.

  • Beach life

What can rival a good time spent at the beach? Well, this slot is about an entire lifetime by the shores. Just the display itself speaks of an abundance of fun and thriller moments. beach-life-slot-game-picThe background is the blue sea and a couple of people standing by the shore. The symbols are brightly painted to pay allegiance to the high spirited mood.

The Playtech product is customized with the common twenty lines and five-reel structure. The layout of this slot consists of a few things. First, the allowable number of coins which can be placed on each line is fixed at just one. Next, there is just one available coin size used which helps ease the betting process. Lastly, the best plus is that the jackpot featured here is progressive.So, enjoy the benefits.

  • Goblin’s Cave

The theme here speaks all about treasures and lots of wealth accumulated. The game’s design has several treasure chests with golden coins spilling over from within them. In addition to that, the goblin’s story line will keep you glued to your slot machine the entire time. As you join him in his cave and adventures, you are rewarded as the play progresses. The layout is so basic even the beginner player will have an easy time finding their way around the cave.

goblins-cave-reelsThere are no multipliers featured in the game. This is a minor setback that is overshadowed by the fact the RTP can go as high as 99%. The three reels are matched with three pay lines and five coins maximum for each line. The jackpot is not very big, but the wilds and scatters are very generous.

Online casino slots are not famous by chance. Everything about them seems to be inviting. Their flexibility cannot be rivaled anywhere. Add to that their amazing payouts, especially on progressive jackpots and they become out rightly irresistible. No wonder many more people are signing up to free slots universe. The RTP values are high, and the designs are solid and dependable. Do not be left out, join the fun side of life.

Online Casino Slots

Online casino slots came into existence over a decade ago. To date, there is a cornucopia of popular web-based casinos to pin down, from the comfort of your home. Nevertheless, all internet gaming platforms are not equal, and thus, it is vital to conduct your due diligence before deciding to play slots online.
Here at Betting Casino Slots, you will get useful insights on how to play UK slots online alongside the benefits. Furthermore, you will also get to understand the tricks to win, and how to utilize the plethora of bonuses to better your chances of walking away with the jackpot.

The Secrets to Winning Big In UK Slots

When you are ready to partake in the best online slots for real money, you certainly want to have a fulfilling experience. After all, when you are gambling with your bankroll, you want customer dedication, thrill, and trust from your preferred casino. At, we have a vast amount of experience in the online gaming sector. As such, below are some of the tips that will help you accomplish real cashouts.

Free Spins

For both newbies and rookies in online gaming, free spins indeed represent a phenomenal way of testing out new slots, mastering the rules alongside the possibility of winning a few bucks. Additionally, it is through the provision of free rounds, that a cornucopia of web-based gaming platforms such as this one attracts new clientele. All you require to do to get your risk-free rounds is sign up with your basic information such as your name, as well as your email address. What is even more intriguing is that you do not require completing the sign-up process until you opt to make a deposit to the site.

Progressive Jackpots

You should keep an eye out for the size of progressive jackpots for each slot machine and table game available on the site. If you would like to walk away as an elated winner, then you ought to partake in the alternatives which offer hefty cash rewards. Additionally, progressive jackpots are the simplest means of walking away with a life-changing lump sum.

The Casino’s Odds

To better your chances of achieving success on the gaming platform, it is vital to partake in the options offering the greatest odds. While partaking in keno and slots can be a ton of fun, the highest odds come from options such as Baccarat, Blackjack and Video Poker. Hence, any significant gambler should have complete knowledge at their fingertips, of the odds of the games they play.

Elite Programs

If you are going to invest a lot of time as well as money in an online gambling site, and then you should ensure that you register in one which offers great loyalty or elite programs, such as this one. The VIP perks which regular players cannot access include reimbursement on incurred losses, exclusive bonuses and personal account managers, to mention a few.

Utilize Promotions

For a fact, promotions and bonuses are vital aspects of a plethora of online platforms, including As such, you should keep an eye out for the highest rewarding bonuses, so as to make the most of your money through gathering specific points, earning additional games and free entry to special gambling tournaments.


That Everything Is Sporadic- It is essential to note that the winning sequences in most if not all online slot machines are certainly irregular, as they use random number generators. Thus, this guarantees complete fairness among all participants. Hence, to walk away with a real bankroll, it is crucial to perceive every round as a new opportunity to acquire cash rewards.

Avoid Drunken Playing

Without a doubt, playing while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, has been the downfall of a multitude of incredibly smart participants. As such, to attain remarkable cash prizes, it is advisable to partake in the games when you are in the right mind frame.

The 6 Perks of Playing the Best Online Slots

Without a doubt, free slots in the UK, as well as other regions across the globe, are a superb means of entertainment. Therefore, there are is a cornucopia of significant advantages, which every player ought to know.


It is a great benefit of partaking in any web-based casino, including this one. The fact that all you require is a stable internet connection to be part of the thrill is phenomenal. Furthermore, a myriad of these sites has the provision of mobile slots, thus permitting you to relish in the fun when you are out and about.

Wide Array

The wide range of alternatives to pin down is indeed appealing to a multitude of gamers, more so, since developers are constantly looking to make them as thrilling as possible. offers its clientele such a vast selection that it would take an eternity to play them all, with new titles emerging weekly. Additionally, the collection comes in a copiousness of categories, each with different reels, themes, and pay lines.


In addition to most gambling sites, we offer participants the freedom of selecting their stake levels. Thus, this makes it easy to partake in a betting level which is within your budget. The stake levels run the gamut from as little as a few cents per spin to as high as a few hundred dollars.

A Copiousness of Intriguing Bonuses

Like most Internet platforms, our various alternatives come with some significantly lucrative bonuses which instantly carve an ear-to-ear grin on players’ faces when they walk away with hefty cash prizes. Additionally, the payout is much higher than the traditional brick and mortar casinos, ranging between 85% and 98%.

Feel at Ease

One major perk is that you are completely at ease in your surroundings, unlike in a land-based gambling parlor where you may feel immense pressure and nervousness. Additionally, you can conduct your due diligence on the various options and relish them at your pace. Overall, this goes a long way in increases your chances of winning.

Full Comprehension

As mentioned earlier, a myriad of web-based games has the provision of free rounds. Thus, this gives participants the opportunity and confidence they need to fully understand how the game works, without making any financial investments.

Remarkable Bonuses

Hefty gambling requirements, as well as slots, are not a great combination, as failure to achieve astounding rewards can drain your bankroll in the blink of an eye. Additionally, playing without bonuses increases your likelihood of losing each time. With that in mind, below are the bonuses that have minimal to no betting requirements.


They have a betting element which is relatively reasonable and more often than not, is lower for slots than classic table games. These are extra money which players can retrieve after meeting the wagering requirement.

Sticky (Non-cashable)

Like cashable, these have a betting requirement and permit players to use them strictly to keep betting, but cannot withdraw them. Despite the fact that it may be lower than the cashable ones, they can still prove to be quite profitable. Additionally, time-gaming non-cashable with no need for wagering, more often than not, have a maximum payout.

Clear play

Through precise gameplay, gamblers have the freedom of withdrawing their earnings at their convenience, regardless of whether they meet the betting requirements or not.

Cash back

It is through cashback that participants receive a refund of their net losses specifically within a given time frame. Furthermore, they do not have any wagering requirements, and thus, they have compatibility with nearly all slots.

Doubling Up

For each successful spin, each player receives a chance to increase their earnings, whereby both the live dealer as well as the gambler draws an anonymous card. The player receives double his/her earnings if the card is greater than the dealer’s card. However, if it is less than the dealer’s, then, unfortunately, the participant loses everything.

Limited Promotions

Undoubtedly, only a coterie of sites offers timed gaming sessions. For instance, you may receive an hour of free chips, no risk, and gambling with the real bankroll. However, there are different rules for these types of promotions, such as you may require reimbursing the free bets upon accomplishing wins. In other circumstances, you may need to play through the wagering requirements, thereby restricting you from retrieving your earnings until you meet a certain betting amount.

Reload Promotions is a coterie of the Internet platforms offering to reload, or monthly promotions, which can be as high as 200 GBP. Depending on your stake levels, the amount varies. As such, active users can expect to receive these promotions as frequently as weekly.

Payment Method Promotions

Nearly all online gaming platforms offer a cornucopia of available payment and withdrawal methods. However, a coterie wants to encourage their customers to use certain payment methods such as Neteller, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, among others. Therefore, they offer gamblers an additional percentage of their deposit for using these methods.

All in all, knowledge is power! Thus, the more you know, the better your chances of winning and thus, the lower the chances you have of encountering problems along the way.