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So you decided to try your luck with real money instead of playing free casino games, right? First of all, we congratulate you with this decision! Real money gambling offers excitement that nothing else can give – think of your free gaming sessions as “training”. By finding the right place to gamble and following some simple strategies, you can turn this hobby into an additional income. Sounds good? At this point, you will encounter the first problem: Finding a “good” place to gamble. The internet is full of online casinos, and even a simple search will result in thousands of websites. However, not all of them are trustworthy. If you choose a wrong place to gamble, you may lose all of your hard-earned money. In fact, you will soon realize that most of the online casinos are only available “virtually”: they may close the “shop” in a second and open up again the next day, under a different name. Finding a reliable and respectable online casino is the first thing you need to do.

This is not so easy, however, because every casino will claim to be the “best”. It is very easy to be fooled by the “looks”, so when you are evaluating an online casino, you have to pay attention to many factors. It is not possible for a non-professional player to be aware of all of them. For this reason, most gamblers have to play at casinos that are not suitable for them and regret the experience at the end. You need to be an expert to know what you need to pay attention to, and this kind of experience can only be obtained with “bad experience”.

Well, no more. By using BettingCasinoSlots, you can get rid of all these troubles and find your dream casino in minutes. Our team consists of professionals with many years of experience in the industry. Game developers, code writers, experienced reviewers, even those who worked at land-based casinos. They all know what to look for when reviewing an online casino. We are an independent website, so all our reviews are objective, up-to-date, and unbiased. We share good experiences, bad experiences, examine every detail, and offer you the most accurate information about reviewed casinos on the web.

What You Need to Know About Casinos

Don’t get fooled by shiny visuals and “unbelievable” bonus offers: security and certification are the two most important things you need to look for. These are separate topics, so let’s take a closer look to both:

  • Security. Whatever browser you are using to access the casino, check the address bar: you need see a lock image that is usually green. This shows that your connection to that website is secured and encrypted. Nobody, in other words, will be able to take a peek at your personal and financial information. This is the most important thing in terms of security; you are transmitting confidential information such as your credit card details, and this info must be encrypted. Another important thing is the electronic payment infrastructure- does the casino keep your credit card information in the database or sends it directly to the bank without ever registering? Be sure to work with places that prefer the second method, which prevents your sensitive information falling into the wrong hands. Lastly, check your computer regularly for viruses and other malware – you have to provide your own security, too.
  • Certification. We know that not everyone can open and operate a casino. In order to offer such a service, it is first necessary to obtain a license from an authorized institution. This is called “Electronic Gambling License”. Each casino has to declare under which license it serves on its website: look at the bottom of the main page, this information is usually found in that section. The license is a kind of guarantee to clients because the licensor makes all the necessary investigations before issuing a certificate.Sounds good, right? The question is, there are a lot of organizations that can issue this certificate and not all of them are reliable. Electronic Gambling License is so important that it is not possible for citizens of European Union countries to play in casinos that do not have a reputable certificate. Unfortunately, it is possible to obtain a certificate from an African country where you cannot even show up on the map. However, this license will have no reputation and validity. For your safety, choose places with UK Gaming Commission, Malta, Gibraltar, and Isle of Men licenses.
  • Audition. Having a certificate is not enough, the casino must be regularly audited. We can show eCogra and iGamingLabs as independent organizations doing this audit. These audition firms are examining whether the fairness of casino games is properly adjusted or not. Regular audits allow you to play games in a fair and reliable environment. Links to these companies and their reports can be found at the bottom of the main page. We recommend that you read each one separately, as these reports contain a very important data like RTP rates. An RTP, which means Return to Player, shows how long you will lose in the long run. For example, if the RTP rate is 98%, you can recover $ 48 of every $ 50 you invest.
  • Player Reviews. Nothing can replace the real user’s comments. The comments of those who have played before in that casino will be the most influential factor in your decision making. Read all of these comments and check for the casino authorities’ answer: you can see how relevant they are this way.
    BettingCasinoSlots takes into account all these aspects during the examination and provides you with detailed, unbiased, reliable online casinos reviews.

Features of Online Casinos

Once you’ve done all of these checks, you can start looking at other casino features. Let’s give them as a list:

  • Bonus Offers. Each casino offers a variety of bonuses to its customers. Most of them are aimed at new members because they draw the attention of new customers by this way. Bonus offers that are only open to new members are called “welcome bonus” or “no deposit bonus”. In this type of bonus a deposit is usually made to your account only by registering for an account. The amount of this “welcome money” changes according to the promotion’s scope, a newly opened place can offer hundreds of dollars. (But usually, it is around 20 dollars or less.) If slot games are dominant in the casino, a certain number of free spins offer will be included in this bonus, too. You cannot withdraw this money from your account, but you can use it to play games.
    • Another common type of bonus is the “match bonus”. It is possible to find it on almost every website. In this offer, the casino will also pay a small sum of money to your account for every deposit you make. For example, if you deposit $ 50, your account will get another $ 50, courtesy of the casino. The upper limit of this bonus is generally $ 100. To get the best results, we recommend using the no deposit and match bonuses together. By doing so, it will be possible to get an advantage of thousands of dollars.
    • What you need to remember is that this type of offers can be used only once, they are not constantly valid. For this reason, we recommend you to choose places that regularly organize promotional activities for all members. The idea of having hundreds of dollars for free in your account sounds tempting, but it is not a long-term advantage.
  • VIP Clubs. The money you spend, the games you play, and your membership duration will earn you a status. This status usually depends on a point system. When you reach a certain point, you will get an invite to a special club called “VIP”. Club members get various advantages. Invitations to special high-roller games, increased deposit and withdrawal limits, and even activities organized in the real world are examples of these.
  • Mobile Gaming. Mobile games are an important part of modern casinos. You can play any game you like with devices like mobile phones, tablet PCs, and phablets. You can even make a deposit and withdraw money. To take advantage of this feature, you need to download a custom application from your device’s app store. Or, you can use the mobile version of the website directly.
  • Live Casino. If you want to play with other players and against real dealers, this option is for you. Places that offer Live Gaming feature use a high-definition webcam. You can play against a real dealer and even chat with other players at the same moment. Places with this feature usually offer special bonuses exclusive to the Live Casino section.

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